I have my new puppy home! What now??!

May 19th 2019
8-16 weeks

Congratulations! You have got your new puppy, and I bet that cute ball of fluff is demanding all your attention right now! This is the most important time in a dogs life in regards to socialisation so I can’t stress enough the benefits of getting things right at this age. So many dogs wind up in shelters or worse are euthanised for behaviour problems, so many behaviour issues steam from puppies that have not been adequately socialised from a young age. Do you see why it is so important to spend some time now on that precious wee pup so that he or she grows in to a confident adult dog? What things should you be introducing them to then? Read on to find the things I think are important to introduce your pup to in a safe and controlled environment.

I can’t stress enough the benefits of getting things right at this age. So many dogs wind up in shelters or worse are euthanised for behaviour problems.

Lisa Coppins – Four Happy Paws

  • People – People in wheelchairs, pushing prams, on mobility scooters, on scooters, skateboards and bikes
  • Environment noise – thunder, fireworks, gunshots and sirens.
  • Places- vet clinics, pet stores, friends and families houses, any other pet friendly stores
  • Situations – being left alone for short periods, being in a crate, car journeys’, being in different weather situations.
  • Vehicles- cars, trucks, motorbikes, trailers and boats.



Please also see the pervious post which lists things that you should introduce a puppy to from birth to 8 weeks. The list above is adding to what hopefully the breeder has already been doing. If you have adopted a puppy from an unknown environment it is highly advisable to start with the things on the pervious list and then move to the ones on the above list. Any questions please get in touch!




MAY 14th 2019

If you are planning to breed your dog, or get a new puppy it is a really good idea to think about or ask the breeder about the socialisation that is been given. There is so much to consider, and it really is very important to take the time to do so. So many problem behaviours can be avoided if the right socialisation is given right from the start. Read on to find out how to start the process and give your puppy the best start possible.

puppy birth - 8 weeks


In a safe and controlled environment puppies from birth to 8 weeks old should be exposed to –


People – men, women, children, babies, seniors, people of different heights, weights, ethnicities, hair colour, people wearing different items of clothing, glasses, hats coats or in uniform.


Animals – other dogs of different ages, sizes and breeds, cats, livestock, small animals like guinea pigs, birds, horses and rabbits.


Surfaces – grass, gravel, sand, carpet, lino/tile.


Environmental noise – usual household noises like tvs, phones, microwaves, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers lawn mowers and washing machines. Music, traffic noise, animal sounds, people sounds (laughing, babies crying).


Handling – having all parts of the body touched, being bathed, being restrained, being groomed, being petted it different ways.



As a  breeder you should take all these suggestions on board for several reasons. Firstly, the puppies will more likely settle in to their new homes much more easily resulting in new owners being very happy with the pups and less likely to return them. The puppies will be willing to engage with new owners and will form bonds with them easily because of the previous positive experiences that they have had. Giving puppies these experiences gives them the best possible start in life as these early experiences are the most powerful.

And if you are purchasing a puppy you should also look for a breeder that has thought about a socialisation programme that is including all these things, I really can’t express how important these first weeks are to a puppies life.

Do the best for your pet! 

Best friends are forever!