JUNE 5th 2019

Dog sports! What do you think of when you hear those 2 words? Do you think about agility, obedience or maybe dogs running some kind of relay race!!?? While there are many different types of dog sports out there to choose from, Treibball is one that looks to be a lot of fun for everybody, the owners, spectators and of course the dogs and is awesome in our view as it is a sport that uses positive reinforcement! Read on to find out more about this emerging dog sport.






Treibball uses a dog’s herding or chasing instincts as well as obedience skills. The difference is instead of using stock, exercise balls are used instead!! The sport originated in Germany in 2003 and is great way for dogs to use mental and physical stimulation. In some cases it is an easier sport than herding as you don’t need other animals and it takes up much less space. The balls used are typically yoga type balls that are between 45 – 75cm and are often larger than the smaller breeds of dogs. The dogs must ‘herd’ the balls into a net which is about the size of a soccer goal at the end of the course. Eight balls are placed in a field in a triangular pattern with boundaries marked and the dog must keep the balls within the boundary. The dog is not able to bite or break the ball, and handlers are not able to shout at or force the dog to perform. Dogs normally have around 15 minutes to ‘herd’ the balls into the netThis sport is more suited to herding breeds like collies and cattle dogs but also smaller breeds like terriers. But really if you have a dog that likes to chase things this is probably a good sport to try. To me it sure looks like a lot of fun!! Check out your local dog clubs for more information on this cool dog sport. As this sport is not yet officially recognised there are no restrictions on ages or breeds, So it is a great time to give it a go!!