25th MAY 2019

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Have you ever thought about how your dog might see the world there might be things that surprise you. There are quite a few differences between the way we see our world and a dogs perspective. And it helps to know them as they can impact the way you train, and  it can also help you to recognise any distractions they might have. Here  are a few of the ways that we differ..

Colour – Dogs experience a colour range most strongly when it is in the range of blues and greens but often confuse red and green. This can be utilised by choosing the right coloured equipment for the task. For example pick a blue ball to play fetch on a green field as this will help the dog to identify the object more efficiently.

Perception of motion – Dogs can see more in every second than we do. We can utilise this by harnessing their ability to assist us e.g. in hunting as they will see where a prey might drop before we would.

Vision in dim light – Dogs have pupils that dilate for capturing maximum light. We can utilise this by training our dogs indoors with lighting as training during dusk is not as effective because the dog’s eyesight being better than ours can put us at a disadvantage.

Acuity – estimated to be 20-40% that of humans. This can be utilised by keeping in mind that for your dog objects ahead that are stationary may not be able to be distinguished between. For example, if when taking your reactive prey-driven dog for a walk and you spot a stationary rabbit 25 metres away you will know that your dog most likely hasn’t seen it and maybe it would be best to change direction!

Field of Vision – Dogs have a visual field of 240 degrees and humans 200 degrees, but have a blind spot right in front of their nose. We can utilize this when playing fetch with a dog by throwing the item more to the side, and assisting them by pointing out something to them directly in front of their nose.

Hopefully this has helped you identify some things that can help when training or out walking your dog. It is interesting the differences in vision that we have, use the above differences to your advantage when you are next out training or waling your dog!