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Welcome to Four Happy Paws


Hello and welcome to Four Happy Paws! This company was founded in 2017 by me Lisa Coppins with the original purpose being to work with Kids Safe with Dogs Charitable Trust to provide school children with education on how to interact safely with dogs. But this idea soon grew into more!


I am a qualified and experienced Senior Vet Nurse who has always had an interest in dog training and behaviour. I have taught puppy classes for many years but felt like I  wanted to do more and help owners and puppies beyond puppy classes. I searched for some time to find a course that sat with my own beliefs on dog training, and in my search came across the Delta Institute course based  in Australia.


I have recently finished this 2.5 year course. The course was split in to 4 components, which included  2 visits to Australia. The last  trip was in June 2019 and consisted of a 6-day workshop. This workshop included some practical training with dogs, and cats from the local SPCA. 



I have learnt so much going through this training process, from  management techniques to help  with unwanted behaviours, to all the different ways we can enrich our dogs lives,  and  how to use behaviour modification to change the way your dog feels. I hope to use these new skills to help you and your dog overcome any training difficulties that you might be having. If you are needing help with some basic manners, (sit, down, leave it, swap/drop, greeting manners), loose lead walking, recall, knowing how to read your dog’s body language and how to add enrichment, how to teach alone time, crate training, toilet training, handling for grooming and husbandry care, or want to teach your dog some tricks I can help with that! I can also help with solutions for problem behaviours such as chewing, barking, digging, jumping up and mouthing.


I find it so rewarding watching my clients making a difference to the lives of their dogs, seeing this change gives me so much pleasure. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions.




“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red)




little puppies

Helping you train your dog, with an outcome resulting in you and your dog living your best life together is my ultimate goal!

Lisa Coppins

Qualifications Achieved

  • National Certificate in Animal Care 2001
  • National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing 2001
  • Pet First Aid and Training (NZ) – Canine Body Language 2017
  • Fear Free Certification Level 1- 2017
  • Fear Free Certification Level 2- 2018
  • Karen Pryor – Better Veterinary Visits 2018
  • Low Stress Handling Certification Silver 2018
  • Delta Institute – Dog Training the Delta Way 2018
  • Feliway Cat Handling Programme 2019
  • Animal Evac NZ – Foundation Course 2019
  • Delta Institute – Responsible Companion Animal Ownership 2019
  • Delta Institute – Introduction to Training Class Management 2019
  • Fear Free Certification Level 3 – 2020
  • The Lemonade Conference 2020
  • Fear Free Elite Certification 2020
  • Delta Institute – Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services 2020

Four Happy Paws Ltd whole heartily supports Animal Evac NZ.

Animal Evac NZ

Four Happy Paws donates both time and funds to Animal Evac NZ.

Animal Evac NZ is the only dedicated animal disaster management charity in New Zealand.  And all volunteers are trained to provide assistance in any emergency, whether that is a flood, fire, earthquake or any other wide scale situation that puts both people and their pets and livestock at risk.  Our trainer Lisa has attended the foundation course, dog bite prevention, emergency sheltering, wildfire orientation, rescuing animals from cruelty and disasters as well as several other courses to be a part of this charity.

If you would like to donate to help this cause you can do so through this link