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Pet Training

Pet Training

Four Happy Paws Ltd focuses on positive training methods to help strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Services offered include small group training classes and one on one training services to the South Canterbury area in New Zealand.

Kids Safe With Dogs Charitible Trust

Kids Safe with Dogs Charitable Trust

Our trainer Lisa is in instuctor for this charatible trust which was created to educate children on how to interact with dogs safely with the aim of reducing dog bites in New Zealand

Meet Our Trainer

Lisa Coppins

Qualified & Experienced Vet Nurse

Accredited Canine Behavioural Trainer


Lisa has worked in the veterinary industry for over 13 years, she has experience teaching puppy classes which has helped to fuel her interest in dog training.


Working at a veterinary clinic she often found people phoned looking for training advice and classes when their puppies or dogs were over 6 months old. She felt that she wanted to provide help to these owners puppies and adult dogs with a service that could help with training issues.


In 2018 Lisa started her training to become a qualified dog trainer and has now completed her certificate IV in Companion Animal Services through Delta Institute in Australia.  Completing this means that  Lisa is now a Accredited Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).


She is now offering one-on -one in home training,  with group  training classes for senior puppies and adult dogs currently in the pipeline for early 2021.


Trained in the latest science based methods

Member of the Assocaition of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand

Our trainer Lisa is a proud member of the Association of Pet dog Trainers New Zealand.

As a member of the association our trainer Lisa adheres to the code of ethics which means she uses humane, dog-friendly methods. She actively participates in continued professional development to acquire new skills and learn about new advancements in dog training.

Fear Free Level 3

Our trainer Lisa has a special interest in helping reduce fear, anxiety and stress in dogs (and cats). She has gained fear free certification level 3 and has plans to work towards the dog trainer fear free certification. Gaining these certifications has given Lisa tools to help owners recognize signs of fear, stress and anxiety and ways to help our pets and owners deal with these. 

Featured Questions & Answers

An electric collar has made my dog worse! Why would that happen?

Dogs learn by association, and we can’t choose what they might associate with the electric shock. For some dogs it may even make the problem worse! A dog may be barking at people going by, and instead of linking the barking to the shock, they can end up linking the shock with the people going by. This means the barking will get more intense. There are far better methods that can be used, if you need help with this please reach out.

I have a big dog and she pulls me down the street when we go out walking HELP!!

This can be quite a common problem, but the good news is there are several ways that can be used to get your dog walking on a loose lead again so you can both enjoy your walks again. You need to have patience when training a dog that has learnt to pull but it can be done. First you need to start with same small steps using the lead indoors and in your yard before moving on to the street. If you need help with this please contact me, I can help!

Does it matter what treats I use when training?

In one word YES! Variety is the best, select different kinds of treats, with different flavours. It is not recommended to use your pet’s normal food as this is not a high enough motivator for some pets. It is a good idea also to have a bigger treat that is highly desirable to give when your pet has responded perfectly to a cue as well. This provides extra motivation for the pet to do the same again with the hope of that extra tasty treat being offered. If you need any tips on treats please get in touch!


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